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Customer Questions

What is ED?

ED or erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man can`t achieve or maintain penile erection and thus can`t have successful sexual intercourse.

What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a generally accepted treatment to help patients with erectile dysfunction and impotence achieve penile erection. Penis pumps are also approved by the US FDA as one of the leading treatments for ED and impotence.

What is sexual fitness?

Sexual fitness are exercises aimed to improve tissue oxygenation through the vacuum system. When made regularly they can improve the erection. It is a vital indicator of sexual and general health as erectile dysfunction and other erection problems can also be an indicator of other diseases and medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, urology problems).

Does vacuum therapy really work?

Yes, overcoming ED and impotence problems with the use of penis vacuum pumps has been proven by several studies and is as high as 90% effective in producing erection, regardless of the cause of ED.

What is the principle behind the vacuum treatment?

Penis vacuum pumps work on a very simple principle of physics – pressure difference. As the air pressure in the pump is reduced by pumping the air out of the cylinder, the blood is pushed from the body into the penis and causes the penis to erect. A constriction ring which is attached at the base of the penis then prevents the blood running back into the body after the pump is removed and thus the penis remains erected.

How can I make the seal between the pump and the pelvis area tighter?

Using plenty of lubricant will help. Shaving or trimming the pelvis area will also allow you to position the cylinder better and tighter.

What causes erectile dysfunction and impotence?

There are numerous reasons, both physical and psychological. It can be a short term thing due to tiredness, overwork, lack of sleep, anxiety, worries, disgust, etc. or a more serious condition (vascular and heart diseases, diabetes, depression, etc.) which should be treated accordingly. If you have problems with erections, it is advisable to consult your personal physician.

How to improve erection?

A healthy lifestyle (proper diet, exercising, etc.) generally helps improve erection. Stress, overwork, lack of exercise, bad habits (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.) deteriorate it. If the condition is more serious, a doctor can prescribe medicinal treatment or vacuum therapy to help. Regular use of penis pump can improve penis response and erectile function the same way as exercising builds muscles.

How to build sexual fitness?

Using the penis vacuum pump the user should slowly bring the penis into an erection, leave the pump on for another half a minute and then remove it. After the penis returns to flaccid state, the user should start the process again. This should be repeated a few times each day. Gradually, the erection function and its quality will start to improve and erections will become stronger and longer lasting.

Does vacuum treatment have to be prescribed by a doctor?

No, you can purchase a penis pump without a doctor`s prescription, but we advise you to consult him before doing so. In addition, it is advised you buy a quality medical vacuum pump, not a cheap product from your local sex shop or a suspicious internet site.

Do I need any training to use the device?

No training is needed as the device is very simple to use, but it is important to read and follow the instructions to avoid unwanted situations and possible injuries such as abrasion of skin.

Is the device safe to use?

Penis pumps are completely safe to use as long as all the instructions, recommendations and common sense are followed. You should not use it more than recommended, release the pressure if you feel pain and use plenty of lubricant to avoid abrasion. However, as the Androvacuum penis pump is battery operated, you shouldn’t use it in the presence of water.

Is there any age limit to using the pump?

You should be at least 18 years old to purchase one. There is no upper limit to the user`s age.

Is vacuum therapy painful?

When it is done properly and instructions are followed, it shouldn’t cause any pain, there is only a slight sensation of pressure. In any case, Androvacuum penis pump has a safety button which instantly equalizes the pressure in the cylinder and stops the pumping procedure, if any pain or discomfort is felt.

What are the possible negative side effects?

In some cases when the device is not used properly according to the instructions for use, it may cause abrasion of skin, bruising, and in more severe cases loss of sensation, discoloration, burst capillaries and temporary impotence. Mostly these injuries and problems are just temporary and go away in a few days.

A decrease in the intensity of ejaculation is also possible, as the constriction ring tightens the ejaculation path, though this is not dangerous or harmful.

Does penis pumping make the penis grow larger?

Because the pump creates lowered air pressure, the penis can achieve a larger erection than usual, but this is only temporal. With regular use this can stretch the tissues inside the penis a bit. Some studies report penis growth in some patient who used the pump regularly for longer periods of time, but this depends on individual patients.a

Can a diabetic use the penis pump?

Erectile dysfunction is common with patients with diabetes and they can use the device safely and without worries.

Can I use the device with a blood clotting disorder?

No, you should not use it if you have problems with blood clotting (e.g. hemophilia).

Can I use the pump if I had an operation?

This depends on individual cases and on the time that has passed since the operation. It is best to consult your treating doctor.

Can I use the pump if I have a penis implant?

No, it is not advisable to use the device with penis implants.

Can I use the pump if I have a piercing in my penis?

In most cases you can, but additional caution is required. Do not pump as much as you would without a piercing and cease the procedure if you feel any discomfort or pain, or notice any change in the piercing.

Can the vacuum therapy be combined with other ED treatments?

Yes, and it often is. Doctors often combine medicinal treatments with penis pumps as it reduces the necessary amount of medications.

What guarantees does Androvacuum penis vacuum pump come with?

Our company has all the certificates necessary for producing and distributing medical devices. In addition, we offer a one year warranty.