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References in Press and Media


Our business has exceeded professional medical circles as a provider of penis enhancement devices and treatments for erectile dysfunction and impotence. Our products and services are regularly mentioned in press and electronic media around the world, both scientific and general. Have a look of some examples of articles and reports mentioning our enterprise, our products and services.

Media Dossier

We have composed a special dossier which presents articles and reports about our products and services in the media from all over the world.
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The Americas


Asia, The Pacific & The Middle East

Medical Congresses

Our company members and associates regularly participate in professional medical congresses, discussions and forums where they present their latest discoveries and progress in the field of erectile dysfunction, impotence and penis enhancement. Here we present a list of some of them.

Assistance to the Tenth European Urology Congress of the ESSM (European Society of Sexual Medicine), Lisbon, Portugal

Assistance to the ESAU (European Society of Andrological Urology) and ESGURS (European Society for Genito-Urinary Reconstructive Surgeons) Reunions, Madrid, Spain.

Attendance at the International Aesthetics Genital Surgery for Males and Females Course, Barcelona, Spain.

Attendance at the Japanese Society of Andrology Congress, Osaka, Japan.

Attendance at the 3rd European Congress of Andrology and the 16th Annual Congress of the German Society of Andrology, Munich, Germany.

Attendance at the 11th International Urology Congress of the ISSIR (International Society of Impotence and Sexual Research), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Attendance at the 7th European Urology Congress of the ESSM (European Society of Sexual Medicine) and the National Congress of British Andrology Society (BAS), London, United Kingdom.

Attendance at the 2nd Ibero-american Meeting of Andrology, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Attendance at the 18th National Congress of the SIA (SocietàItaliana di Andrologia), Venice, Italy.

Attendance at the 7th Congress of the Portuguese Andrology Society, Espinho-Oporto, Portugal.

Andromedical Dossier

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